Top 10 Quick & Healthy Breakfasts to start your cheerful day

Some Healthy breakfasts that can help you start your day on the right foot

The first meal of the day should be fresh and full of nutrients. That’s why we should intake fresh and easily digestible food in the morning. Some healthy and quick breakfast options can help us to start our day.

1. Sprouts salad

mix sprouts salad, mung sprouts

Sprouts are full of nutrients, and fiber and very low in calories that’s why they are an excellent food for healthy breakfasts they fill our body with energy and keep us active all day but we need to give the required time to sprouts to digest properly that’s why after having sprouts we should not eat for 3-4 hours. if you face digestive problems then you can have vegetable sprouts, they are easily digestible.

2. Vegetable salad

Healthy mix vegetable salad

Vegetables with fresh leaves are very good for weight loss, it contains a lot of nutrition and fiber, as well as are fewer in calories. vegetables can be easily found in our surroundings, for better result we should eat them fresh. Some vegetables like cucumber, beetroot, carrot, ginger, cabbage, and tomato are best option for morning vegetable salad.

3. Seasonal fruits

different types of fruits

Fruits are a good food to eat as breakfast and are also beneficial for weight loss. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber also it is very low in calories. They are very rich in water which keeps us hydrated the whole day so that we don’t feel need water. It also saves us from overeating and keeps us active physically and mentally. Eating fruits daily makes our life diseases free. we should have fresh and seasonal fruits for better results. Fruits are easily digestible and contain natural water which keeps us hydrated all day and protects us from many health problems.

The best fruits to eat in the morning are apples, bananas, coconut water, pineapple, and many more seasonal fruits. But there are some right ways to eat fruits that we must follow to consume the full benefits of fruits are

  •  Mixing the wrong combination of fruits is the best way to eat sweet fruits with other sweet fruits and citric fruits with other citric fruits.
  • Do not sprinkle salt or chat masala on fruits.
  • Having fruits 2 hours after meals or before 2 hours of your meals.
  • Do not wash your fruits after cutting.
  • Do not peel off the skin of fruits because it reduces 50% of the nutrients of fruits like apples, pears, chikkis, or peruse.
  • Reduce the consumption of fruits in juice form.

4. Brown bread with peanut butter

peanut butter and whole grain brown bread

Peanut butter with whole-grain or whole-meal bread is perfect for a quick & nutrients dense healthy breakfast. peanut butter contains lots of nutrients but is also rich in healthy fat, so it’s good for weight gain but for those who want to lose weight, use it in moderate amounts.

5. whole-grain bread sandwich

brown bread with mix vegetables sandwich

Whole-grain bread sandwich with lots of veggies like cabbage, beetroot, cucumber, onion, tomato, carrot, or other veggies which you like to add as a filling. Also, you can add yogurt as a replacement for mayonnaise.

6. Fruit smoothie

fruits juice, mix fruits juice with lot of topping

If you have a juicer, mix veggies or fruit juice is the perfect morning drink with a lot of nutrients and gives you quick energy.

7. Coconut water

green coconut water, fresh coconut water in glass

 It is the best morning drink that boosts our metabolism & immunity system and helps in weight loss.

8. Poha and curd

It is also called dahi chura or chiwda dahi. Having curd in the morning is good for the digestive system, and is rich in gut-friendly bacteria. Having curd with flattened rice as a breakfast keeps you full all day and gives instant energy.

9. Poha

poha with peanuts and lemon

 Poha is prepared easily with some veggies or peanuts. It is easily digestible and keeps you full & satisfied the whole day. It’s full of carbohydrates& fiber and low in calories, veggies mixed in it made, full of nutrients.

10. Idli

urad and rice idli with chutney and shambhar

It is the best meals for healthy breakfasts. steamed food is made with little to no oil it is easy on the stomach. Idli is steamed food with no oil and also rich in healthy carbohydrates & protein and easily digestible.

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